Energy Club

Considering the need to make the next generation more aware regarding efficient use of energy resources, it is necessary to introduce children about it during their school education. The students are learner of new things in their school life, it is easy for them to understand the concept of energy conservation and energy efficient devices In this regard, and promotion of energy efficiency in schools is being promoted through the establishment of Energy Clubs.

SDA Daman and Diu established Energy Club in 5 school and Work in Progress for Establishment of “Energy Clubs” in more Schools and Polytechnic College to promote awareness on Energy Conservation.

Capacity building of Students is a scheme, BEE is undertaking during the XII five year plan. Establishment/strengthening the energy clubs for schools has been included as one of the activities this scheme. This activity would not only make aware the children about the need of conserving energy but at the same time would educate and involve their parents as well in the above cause. The identified activity is one of the measures, which can help in creating awareness in the domestic sector. These students can, in turn, become representative for creating the more awareness of energy conservation and promoting the use of energy efficient equipment/devices by the public at large.

Following competition organized in schools to promote and aware students about energy conservation and efficiency,

  District Level Essay Competition

  Poster Cum Slogan competition

Keeping these objectives in mind and identifying the need to implement energy conservation, it is proposed to establish "Energy Clubs" for school students in the U.T. of Daman and Diu.