About Our Department

State Designated Agencies (SDAs) have been notified by the State Governments under section 15 (d) of the EC Act, 2001 by assigning additional responsibilities to the existing departments. 33 SDAs have been notified under EC Act. In addition to this, Jammu & Kashmir has enacted legislation in line with EC Act and established an agency. Out of 34 SDAs, 15 are Renewable Energy Development Agencies, 9 are Power Department of State Governments, 6 are Electrical Inspectorate offices, 3 are Distribution Companies and 1 is “stand-alone” SDA. The major roles and responsibilities of SDAs are to coordinate, regulate and enforce the various provisions of the Act in the State level.

Electricity Department of Daman and Diu has been notified as the State Designated Agency (SDA) for the districts of Daman and Diu. As an agency in charge of taking out the energy efficiency initiatives of BEE, the SDA of Daman & Diu is working with great zeal in order to achieve the ambitious targets set forth.