Retailer Training Programme in Daman

Retailer Training Programme (RTP) was organized on 23rd November 2022 by SDA Daman and Diu for retailers/dealers/distributors/contractors in the district of Daman. The objective of the programme was to create awareness on Standard and Labelling Programme.

A presentation was given to the participants covering following points:

  Brief on Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency and EC Act.

  Functions of BEE and SDA.

  Overview on various programmes of BEE.

  Standard and Labelling Programme.

       Overview on Star Labelling
       Role of SDA and Inspecting Officer
       Mandatory and Voluntary Appliances
       Familiarization with various types of Star Label
       Introduction on Website and Mobile Application
       Roles and Responsibilities of Retailers

During the session, the need for star labeling was explained and discussed on the importance of energy saving measures emphasizing the national goal of India. After the presentation, there was open discussion with the participants on the queries and concerns on star rating and labelling.